Young, female politicians want legal settlements for sexual harassment in political arena

Conservative PartyConservative Party.Photo: Norway Today Media

Female politicians have experienced unwanted sexual demands and harassment. Now,several young, female politicians join forces to gain a settlement.


Høyre (H) gathered on Saturday, together with the party’s young, female politicians from all the counties to put the ‘#metoo’ campaign on the agenda in the political environment.

Head of Høyre’s ‘Women’s Forum’, Tina Bru, thinks it’s time to put the spotlight on sexual harassment in politics.

‘It’s a little odd that we haven’t heard so many stories from Norway’s body politic yet. I think it’s a bit naive to think that it’s not happening here too’, she told TV 2.

Bru said that she has also experienced unwanted sexual attention.

To TV 2, Venstre (V) politician, Guri Melby, said she’d experienced comments on her appearance

from a city council member from another party while sitting in the city council of Trondheim.

‘There were messages that I responded strongly to, and I think don’t belong in such a setting. It undermines me as a woman, when I’m at work in a politically elected body’, she said.

Melby chose to speak up about what she had experienced.


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