Young people outside the risk groups are on respirators at Bærum hospital

Bærum hospitalSandvika.Bærum hospital.Photo: Audun Braastad / NTB scanpix

Several young people outside the risk groups have been placed on respirators at the intensive care unit at Bærum Hospital, sources say Budstikka.

The people in question are between 20 and 45 years of age and without underlying diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic lung disease, cancer and / or high blood pressure, the newspaper writes.

According to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI), only 17 of the 74 corona infected persons who have received intensive care in Norway are under 50 years of age.

Neither Vestre Viken HF nor FHI will comment on specific hospital admissions to Budstikka.

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4 Comments on "Young people outside the risk groups are on respirators at Bærum hospital"

  1. So it’s not just us 65-80 year olds. I don’t think I’ve posted this on Norway Today yet, and it may be an additional technique to try to reduce the need for ventilators: (apparently forgotten) “postural drainage.”

    In my case, I get up on my knees in bed, with my face/cheek down on the bed and a bowl under my chin and wait 4-5 minutes to let the crud ooze/drain down, so I can cough it out.

    Since I was 8 when it first tried to kill me, I have suffered chronic bronchitis – and/or chronic bronchial pneumonia – which keeps trying to kill me about every other year. (Teddy Roosevelt had a chronic lung problem like this too.)

    A couple months ago – I had gotten way off my biological clock – it attacked HARD again, but I kept ahead of it with “postural drainage,” and … not having crud in my bronchial tubes or much of it, anyway … didn’t even have a compulsion to cough! … which was a downer, since I really like my choice of cough drops. :-/ 🙂

    When I described this on Washington Post a month or so ago now, a medical professional there gave me the technical term and thanked me for reminding him of the technique.

    Anyway, it might be an additional and pro-active tool which can help someone, but I think you need to do this from the start, since I suspect that the crud can solidify and really fester down there if someone is just left to lay there on their back.

    Hang in there, everyone.

  2. “… not having crud in my bronchial tubes or lungs or much of it, anyway …”

  3. I don’t have anyone to pat me on the back when I do this

    – as far as I can tell I’m not corona-infected, but on the best dating site here in Norway I’ve been inviting beautiful girls/women to “self-isolate” with me for the duration 🙂 – there is some classical piece of literature about young Italian Renaissance guys and girls retiring to a cave together during the Black Death –

    but I wonder if that *could* help dislodge more of the crud clinging to the (inside of the) lungs.

    Anyway, ….

  4. On Washington Post (WaPo) someone just wrote that Italian patients with tubes are starting to be kept on their tummies/bellies, but nothing about getting them up on their knees.

    And if you have the outflow started, you have to be sure to have plenty of water in your system.

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