Young people will learn more about drugs and traffic

Traffic accidentTraffic accident.Photo: Erlend Aas / Scanpix

Around one in four fatal traffic accidents is due to substance abuse, and youth are a major risk group. On Wednesday, a new youth education program was launched.


The lesson plan is free and especially intended for young people to learn. It can be used in education at both driving schools and at secondary schools that have traffic as electives. The course is set up as an e-learning course which includes movies, animations and interactive tasks.

It is the youth organization of MA-Drug Free-traffic – MA-Youth – who has developed the course in cooperation with a project group with representatives of, among others, traffic schools and the Road Directorate.

The aim of this lesson plan is to educate youths in connection with drug related traffic injuries, as well as to increase the focus on how badly taking drug substances can affect bad driving decisions.

“For many years, we have had a desire to provide a vehicle driving aid on the subject of drug use and youth in traffic, and we are now aiming for it. This is something we are extremely happy and proud about,” says Project Manager at MA Youth, Line Langaas.

The course has also received support from the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, and the Minister of Transport, Ketil Solvik-Olsen (Frp), is responsible for the official launch of this program on Wednesday morning.


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