Younger children exposed to online abuse

Younger children are exposed to online abuseBoy playing with mobile phone.Photo: Jan Haas / NTB scanpix NB! MODELLKLARERT

KRIPOS (The Criminal Police) recognizes that children who are as young as eight are being contacted by adults who are trying to get them to show sexual behavior on the internet.

The public will soon see litigation on sexual exploitation on networks where the age of children is lower and the scale much larger, says Fredrik Skoglunn, the police superintendent in KRIPOS to the newspaper Adresseavisen.
Skoglunn says that the perpetrators often claim to be minors or entice the children to send provocative pictures or films, then later on use these pictures to blackmail them.
KRIPOS has previously handled cases where children of 10-11 years have been violated, but predicts that the courts will in the future be dealing with cases where children are even younger. The extent of network abuse has also increased recently.
– The younger the victims are, the easier it is to persuade them. We see that there are people across the age span that will exploit children sexually. What amazes us is that men who over 60 years have the skills to operate in this way, says Skoglunn.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today