Youngsters in Swedish bus accident – many injured

Bus accident in SwedenHärjedalen .Bus accident in Sweden.Photo: Nisse Schmidt/TT / NTB scanpix

( Latest: 3 dead ) At least 25 are injured after a bus with over 50 school students flipped in the Swedish county of Härjedalen. Several are critically wounded.

– We treat injured youths on the road and in the ditch. It is chaotic at the site, says Peter Nystedt from the rescue team to Aftonbladet.

Several are very seriously injured, while others suffer minor injuries. 52 young people were on board the bus when the accident occurred, according Nystedt. Additionally, the driver and six other adults were on board the bus.

Between 25 and 30 people are injured, and at least 25 are sent to the hospital. Police said several injured have been rushed to hospitals in Östersund, Falun and Mora.

– It is a chaotic situation with weeping youngsters, according to the newspaper Expressen.


The accident occurred between Sveg and Fågelsjö around 7 am Sunday morning. A centre for relatives has been established in Sveg.

The bus is lying on its side in a ditch near an exit of the E45. It was cold weather and slippery roads in the area in the morning, but it is still unclear what caused the crash.

– The main thing now is to ensure that the rescue work and taking care of people at the site, says press spokesperson for the police, Marie Andersson.

The young people on the bus are eighth graders attending a school in southern Sweden, Östersund Posten writes. They were on their way to Klövsjö in Jämtland.

The Passengers were asleep when the bus suddenly flipped over, according to a person who was on board when the accident occurred.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today