Youth feel more lonely in the Coronavirus age

aloneIllustration image of girl sitting alone in the school yard.Photo: Wilma Nora Dorthellinger Nygaard / NTB scanpix

Youth feel more lonely, are less satisfied, and spend more than seven hours online daily in the Coronavirus era, according to a new study from Sintef.

Before the Coronavirus crisis, life was good. At least 86 percent of the young people surveyed in the survey from the research institute, writes Aftenposten.

Now, 37 percent of youth between the ages of 16 and 25 say they are dissatisfied with life.

After everything closed in mid-March, most young people went to school at home. Almost half have been with their family.

Most have felt down and frustrated because of the social restrictions, at least once. One in four feels lonely several times a week. Over half have felt more lonely in the Coronavirus era than before.

The study is a collaborative project between Sintef and the Institute of Media and Communication at the University of Oslo. It is funded by the Research Council and implemented with the help of Ipsos.

734 young people aged 16–25 were interviewed in the first week of May.

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