Youth gang robbing Vinmonopol in the Oslo area


This past summer, several Vinmonopols in the Oslo area have been subjected to gangs of threatening youth coming in causing diversions and stealing alcohol. The police believe it might be an organized group.


Around 14:00 this past Saturday, a group of younger adults aged between 16 to 18 years old hit another Vinmonopol. This time they hit the Vinmonopol in Mosenteret in Nittedal, according to

– “They came in and showed their threatening behavior and stole merchandise. During the summer, the police received numerous reports about similar events from various Vinmonopols throughout the Oslo area. It seems that an organized group is behind these incidents, “ said police officer Geir Bakk Anthonsen.

The police are asking the public for any tips from people who have witnessed the incident this past Saturday. Communications Director Halvor Bing Lorentzen in the Vinmonopolet confirms that they have had several similar incidents in the Oslo region.

“What usually occurs is a group of young adults come in, half of them create a diversion and when the store employees are occupied with them the others steal the goods,” he says.

Lorentzen emphasizes that they generally do not damage product or create a mess, and that the latest reports indicate that incidents involving gangs are on the decline.


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