Youths charged with new robberies in Stavanger


In December 2017 two youngsters expressed regret in court when they were convicted of three robberies in Stavanger. Wednesday they were charged with new robberies and will meet in Stavanger District Court, again.


The two young men, together with four others, were charged with robbing a man and shocking him with a taser, according to Stavanger Aftenblad.

The robbery took place on March 27 last year, in Revheimsveien in Stavanger.

Allegedly the six youths attacked and held the man down, then used a taser on him. It is also reported they had other weapons such as a knife and an object that resembled a gun, they threatened him and took 90 grams of marijuana, cash, clothes and a mobile phone from the him.

The county has set off three days for the trial.


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