YouTube and Snapchat most popular with Norwegian children

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Almost all Norwegian children and young people aged 9-18 use YouTube (95%), while 80% are Snapchat users, a survey from the Norwegian Media Authority shows.

3,395 children and adolescents across the country have responded to the Norwegian Media Authority’s annual survey “Children and the media”. 97 percent of them say they have got their own mobile phone.

In addition to Snapchat and YouTube, many responded that they use TikTok (65 percent) and Instagram (65 percent). About half use Facebook.

– The proportion who use Snapchat increases significantly with the children’s ages ; from 29 percent of 9-10 year-olds to 71 percent of 11-12 year-olds and well over 90 percent of 13-18 year-olds, the Authority writes in its review of the figures.

One in three of those who use Snapchat, Tiktok or Instagram say they share a video on one of these platforms every day.

A total of 81 percent of 9-18 year-olds have a gaming console connected to a TV at home (Xbox, Playstation or similar). The percentage of boys who have this is 93 per cent, while it is 68 per cent among the girls. This gender difference is evident in all age groups.

Handing out “likes”
In the 13-18 age group, 86 percent say they have a lot of contact with their friends via social media. 71 percent of this group experience receiving a lot of adverts on social media.

What children and young people do most often on social media is to like something. Six out of ten 9-18 year olds like something every day, while almost eight out of ten do this at least once on on a weekly basis.

36 percent of them respond that they share a photo or video daily with their faces displayed.

– There is a general tendency for the children to do more of their various activities to a greater extent the older they are: 15-18-year-olds do most of the activities on social media weekly or more often, concludes the Media Authority.

Looking for things to buy
Over half of 9-18 year olds search for information online daily, and more than eight in ten do so at least on a weekly basis. Eight out of ten use the web for homework and school work at least once a week.

Finally, we can add that over half of 13-18 year olds look for things they can buy online, at least once every week. But actually buying anything is less common. The majority say this is something they do less often than once a month or never.

Sentio Research conducted the investigation on behalf of the Media Authority.

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