Diomande confronts racism in football

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Askar thanks Diomande for confronting racism in football

Sarpsborg profile Amin Askar admires Adama Diomande’s courage after the MLS pro earlier in the week placed racism in football on the agenda. Diomande played for several years in Norway before moving to Los Angeles FC.


On Wednesday, Adama Diomande wrote a message on Instagram stating that he had been subject to racism by a player on another team. This he did shortly after his team, Los Angeles FC, beat Portland Timbers 3-2 in a cup match.

Askar praises Adama Diomande for bringing the fight against racism in football to social media.

– When a player stands up and talks about it, he is criticized for being a whiner or a sissy who isn’t up to it. It takes balls to do what «Dio» does now. He faces the music on behalf of many, says Askar to NRK.

important topic

The 32-years-old believes it is an important topic that the MSL profile has placed on the agenda.

– People just want to sweep it under the carpet and move on without having a debate about it. Then you avoid to have unpleasant conversations, says Askar, who has experienced racism on the football field as well.

Diomande’s post on Instagram has raised many eyebrows in the United States. He started his message with these words:

– Today was the first time in my professional career that I was called the «N» word on the field. They will say sorry to me after the game and please let it go, but If I don’t say anything racism will just continue to grow.

Portlands Timbers has promised that the club will investigate the matter. It is not yet known which Timbers player who allegedly has uttered the racist remark to Diomande.


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