How to get your free festival wristband

Madcon will play in Sjogg Tent on Saturday 20 FebruaryPhoto: Madcon will play in Sjogg Tent on Saturday 20 February

The interest in the free concerts during Lillehammer 2016 has been huge. To avoid long queues to the concerts, we will hand out free festival wristband so that you can secure entrance to see your favorite artist.

Madcon will play in Sjogg Tent on Saturday 20 February. Collect a free wristband to see this popular rap-duo!

Sjoggfest, the cultural programme for the Lillehammer 2016, is Norway’s largest free festival, ever! All the 150 cultural events planned between 12 – 21 February are free, with the exception of the sold out Opening Ceremony.

“A number of people have been wondering if concerts are booked to capacity already or if its still possible to secure tickets to see their favorite artists. We are planning a system to organize things so that people will be able to secure their places,” says the head of Sjoggfest, Eirik Høyme Rogn.

Big name artists like AURORA, Madcon, Nico & Vinz, Madcon and The Main Level are amongst others that will appear live on a free stage during Sjoggfest.

“We are very excited and happy to see the interest from the youth and from adults in the cultural programme. In order to secure a place at some of the concerts we have devised a system to collect a free wristband earlier on the day of the concert,” says Høyme Rogn. READ MORE about How to get your free festival wristband