Massive demand to see football in England

footballGreat demand for football in England.Photo: Visit Britain
On Wednesday, the Premier League season 2017/18 went live on the web, and many thousands of Norwegians hit the websites of football travel agencies to order football packages, because demand for watching football matches in England has never been greater.
And followers of football have changed, from being ‘football fans’ to ‘anyone’.
One of the market leaders, Eventservice AS,  sells football packages via the website A ‘soccer package’ includes tickets for the games, and hotel accommodation. As a rule, air transport must be arranged seperately.
‘In recent years, we’ve seen a steady increase of more than 20%  travelling each year,’ said Pål Storaas, founder and general manager of Eventservice AS.
‘A weakened pound, and massive price competition between airlines make it simple for Norwegians to travel to England to see football matches.
‘There’s been a lottery to buy tickets, and many passionate to buy them on the market, which has led to very many people being conned. False ticket sales have flourished, or tickets have failed at the turnstile.
Therefore, most buyers have realized that it’s worth using established outlets, who have an agreement with the football clubs for resale of tickets. It is also insurance for travellers when the tour operator is a member of the Travel Guarantee Fund (RGF).
Change in travel patterns and type of travellers
In the past, an England trip was understood as ‘going to London’. This has changed; now  Liverpool and Manchester have taken over as the most popular destinations for football tourists.
Both cities are in the northwest of England, and have both been through a formidable renovation process in recent years, with a flourishing cultural life, and offering impressive shopping opportunities. That top teams such as Manchester United and Manchester City, and Liverpool and Everton have grounds in these cities, has made them the most popular.
Now ‘everyone’ wants to watch football, and we’ve noticed a huge demand from all kinds of groups, from friends, associations, and larger companies, who send the whole staff team  on a football trip’, said Storaas, who’s been following developments since starting the business 15 years ago.
‘Those travelling with us now have become more aware of what they want in terms of quality and safety. We notice more frequent trips, upgrades of seating at the stadiums, and hotel upgrades. More and more people are pursuing their ‘dream trips’!
Be early!
Storaas gives the following list of tips for those intending to travel:
‘Book of soccer packages early. Book flights early too, then you’ll get the best price, it’s more expensive if you book closer to the departure date.
Take a long stay of 3 to 4 days, then you’ll be able to experience so much more of your destination. You might also see a concert with your favourite artist?
Be careful about buying tickets through dodgy, junk outlets online. Use an agency that is experienced with football tours, and provides all the necessary guarantees, such as being a member of the Travel Guarantee Fund (RGF).
We receive great feedback from customers who’ve been on a trip with us; and in common, they’ve always followed our list of tips.’


Source: Eventservice AS / Norway Today