Skistad with harsh criticism of NSF

Kristine Stavås Skistad cross-countryThe rising cross-country star, Kristine Stavås Skistad, during the sprint finals during the opening weekend of the cross-country skiing season at Beitostølen. Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

Skistad with harsh criticism of the Ski Federation (NSF)

Freshly crowned Junior World Champion, Kristine Stavås Skistad, reacts to the fact that the Norwegian Ski Federation (NSF) recently publically informed about her use of hormone therapy.

The 19-years-old very talented cross-country skier won the gold medal in the sprint event during the Junior World Championships in Finland on Sunday. Earlier this week, the Norwegian Ski Federation issued a press release where they informed that Skistad and teammate, Helene Marie Fossesholm, had used hormone therapy due to growth disorders. In Skistad’s case as far back as in 2012.

TV 2 writes that the cross-country talent and her family felt pressured to go public with the information. The 19-years-old is very clear about what she thinks about that.

“It’s totally tragic, I know I haven’t done anything wrong, I haven’t used anything that is illegal. It was like being on the pill. It is sad that this should be broadcast,” Skistad tells the channel.

Breakthrough for Skistad

She got her big breakthrough earlier this season when she reached the finals of the cross-country sprint event at Lillehammer in November. She is mentioned as a candidate for a place in the World Championship in Seefeld in February.

TV 2 has also confronted the National Team Coach, Monika Kørra, regarding the situation. She doesn’t want to comment much.

“I would have liked to have avoided this – and it is regrettable that the athletes must spend energy on such an issue. But I am impressed by how both Helene and Kristine have handled this. They have managed to concentrate on what’s important: the Junior World Championship here in Lahti,” Karra comments.

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