The long term weather: Lillehammer have something to look forward to

Lillehammer.Nice weather and sunLillehammer.Nice weather and sun. Photo: Geir Olsen / NTB scanpix
The performers, organizers, and the audience will get good conditions when the Youth Olympic Games begins in Lillehammer this weekend.  As a matter of fact meteorologists promise quite superb conditions.
The overcast skies, rain and high temperatures have created some concern for the organizers of the Youth Olympic Games, but now they may breathe a sigh of relief.
There will be low temperatures, but no severe cold, and after a light drizzle of snow into the weekend, the  weather will become dry and will stay that way for the next week, meteorologist on duty Oyvind Johnsen says.
– The organizers seem to have been incredibly lucky, Johnsen added.
He says it can get a little cold, down to 14-15 degrees below zero at night, but during the day the temperature may rise by seven to ten degrees.
There will be a little puff of air from the north, but no strong winds.
– I should think that it means ideal conditions for most of the participants and spectators, the weatherman says.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today