100 Best Things To Do In Norway – Credits


Photo Credits


1. 032012-99#0010 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (-W1E1789-221607_800.jpg)
Name: Skiing in Fjord Norway. The Geirangerfjord in the back.
Credits: Fredrik Schenholm – Visitnorway.com

2. 122011-99#0001 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (Preikestol-6-Terje-Rakke-2011-145658_800.jpg)
Name: Preikestolen in Stavanger (Pulpit Rock)
Credits: Terje Rakke/Nordic Life AS – Visitnorway.com

3. 082011-99#0200 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (Oslo-2011-7-of-41-143350_800.jpg)
Name: Opera house in Oslo
Credits: CH – Visitnorway.com

4. 102010-99#0429 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (Hardanger-2010-165-130509_800.jpg)
Name: The Ringedalsvatnet
Credits: CH – Visitnorway.com

5. 052010-99#0187 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (bundt-Vigiland8-125244_800.jpg)
Name: The little Angry Boy sculpture, The Vigeland Sculpture Park. Frognerparken
Credits: Nancy Bundt – Visitnorway.com /Vigeland-museet/BONO

6. 102009-99#0292 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (29435-large-115573_800.jpg)
Name: Trollstigen
Credits: Terje Borud – Visitnorway.com

7. 102009-99#0088 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (-25-114868_800.jpg)
Name: View towards Mount Fløyen in Bergen
Credits: CH – Visitnorway.com

8. 102006-99#0274 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (2000028866-55091_800.jpg)
Name: Hurtigruten “Nordlys”- Northern Lights
Credits: Terje Rakke/Nordic life – Visitnorway.com

9. 032005-99#2390 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (Bygdoy-44338_800.jpg)
Name: Bygdøy
Credits: Nancy Bundt – Visitnorway.com

10. 042000-99#41 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (The-Kjerag-Boulder-42047_800.jpg)
Name: The Kjerag Boulder
Credits: Per Eide – Visitnorway.com


1. fn 1209 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (-08G6651-4706167_800.jpg)
Name: Skiing Pirme Sports
Credits: Roman Lachner/Pirme Sports

2. VO05650 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (-1110093-4694396_800.jpg)
Name: The Scream by Edvard Munch
Credits: VISITOSLO/Didrick Stenersen

3. 122016-99#0043 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (visitnorway-camping-northern-lights-uttakleiv-beach-lofoten-norway-4066825_800.jpg)
Name: Camping, Uttakleiv beach in Lofoten
Credits: Samuel Taipale/visitnorway.com

4. 122016-99#0039 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (visitnorway-aksla-viewpoint-2-alesund-norway-4066803_800.jpg)
Name: Aksla viewpoint, Ålesund
Credits: Samuel Taipale/visitnorway.com

5. VO04625 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (Folkemuseet-15-3-3488038_800.jpg)
Name: Norwegian Folk museum
Credits: VISITOSLO/Tord Baklund

6. 102016-99#0232 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (Foap-kristina.jakubikova-Bergen-3307798_800.jpg)
Name: Bergen by night
Credits: kristina.jakubikova/Foap/Visitnorway.com

7. 062014-99#0043 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (TL-JT-Hellesylt7-9112-1326812_800.jpg)
Name: Single track, Hellesylt
Credits: Mattias Fredriksson Photography AB – Visitnorway.com

8. 062014-99#0017 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (A044-C025-1130DJ.0002646-Edit-1297354_800.jpg)
Name: Humpback whale
Credits: Asgeir Helgestad/Artic Light AS/visitnorway.com

9. 112013-99#0103 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (Roros-Tr.Heim-175-1030070_800.jpg)
Name: The Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim
Credits: CH – visitnorway.com

10. 062010-99#0030 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (DSCF6503-126669_800.jpg)
Name: Holmenkollen ski jump, Oslo
Credits: Susan Fraser – Visitnorway.com

11. 122000-99#237 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (The-Oseberg-Ship-at-the-Viking-Ship-Museum-Bygdoy-42115_800.jpg)
Name: The Oseberg Ship at the Viking Ship Museum, Bygdøy
Credits: Johan Berge – Visitnorway.com

1. 102016-99#0125 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (Foap-artsy2013-Bergen-3206015_800.jpg)
Name: Seafood at Bryggen in Bergen
Credits: artsy2013/Foap/Visitnorway.com

2. VO03809 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (Snaroya-Fiske-2-redigert-2498966_800.jpg)
Name: Fishing in the Oslo Fjord
Credits: VISITOSLO/Tord Baklund

3. 042015-99#0014 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (A154-C114-0517G2.0000185-1990775_800.jpg)
Name: Norway’s National day, May 17th., Celebrations in Oslo
Credits: Asgeir Helgestad/Visitnorway.com

4. 102014-99#0004 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (DSC08642-1601134_800.jpg)
Name: Viewpoint Lysefjorden
Credits: Andreas Gruhle/visitnorway.com

5. 112013-99#0214 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (006-1038927_800.jpg)
Name: Summer in Oslo
Credits: CH – visitnorway.com

6. 022013-99#0033 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (Picture-345-360648_800.jpg)
Name: Northern Lights, Håkøya, Tromsø
Credits: Gaute Bruvik – visitnorway.com

7. 052010-99#0115 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (Bundt-14-125027_800.jpg)
Name: Oslo Harbour and Akershus Fortress
Credits: Nancy Bundt – Visitnorway.com

8. 122000-99#236 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (The-Gokstad-Ship-The-Viking-Ship-Museum-Bygdoy-42114_800.jpg)
Name: The Gokstad Ship, The Viking Ship Museum, Bygdøy
Credits: Johan Berge – Visitnorway.com

1. 112016-99#0068 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (Foap8-3471041_800.jpg)
Name: No camping, Leknes in Lofoten
Credits: worldwanderlustphotography/Foap/Visitnorway.com

2. NOR-00009 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (DSC-0019-2599617_800.jpg)
Name: Briksdal Glacier
Credits: Bjarte Haugen

3. 062014-99#0053 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (EC-JJ-TS-Hiking15-Romsdalseggen-0413-1326899_800.jpg)
Name: Hiking, Romsdalseggen
Credits: Mattias Fredriksson Photography AB – Visitnorway.com

4. 112013-99#0390 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (NOV-5479-1051092_800.jpg)
Name: The Norwegian Petroleum Museum in Stavanger
Credits: CH – visitnorway.com

5. 012012-99#0015 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (-A1298658-146656_800.jpg)
Name: Sightseeing at Aker Brygge, Oslo
Credits: Terje Borud – Visitnorway.com

6. 062008-99#0025 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (-D9S5890-83563_800.jpg)
Name: Hauklandstranda beach in Lofoten
Credits: Nils-Erik Bjørholt – Visitnorway.com

7. 062000-99#66 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (Parliament-Building-in-Oslo-City-42087_800.jpg)
Name: Parliament Building in Oslo City
Credits: Kurt Hamann – Visitnorway.com

1. fn 1242 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (Ski-Sail-FjordNorway-Ski-39-4706376_800.jpg)
Name: Ski & Sail Statsraad Lehmkhul
Credits: Skiinformarmatie.nl

2. NOR-00026 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (P1020838-4089920_800.jpg)
Name: Briksdal Glacier
Credits: Bjarte Haugen

3. 112013-99#0350 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (NOV-4167-1049957_800.jpg)
Name: Ovre Strandgate in Old Stavanger
Credits: CH – visitnorway.com

4. 102012-99#0305 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (Geiranger-2-Hoved-JPG-21-297145_800.jpg)
Name: Couple fishing i the Geiranger fjord
Credits: CH – Visitnorway.com

5. 082011-99#0125 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (Tromso-2011-TIFF-125-of-193-143050_800.jpg)
Name: The Arctic Cathedral in Tromsø
Credits: CH – Visitnorway.com

6. 102010-99#0539 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (Hardanger-2010-88-130845_800.jpg)
Name: Kinso River, Kinsarvik
Credits: CH – Visitnorway.com

7. 102009-99#0058 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (-66-114778_800.jpg)
Name: Mount Ulriken Cable Car
Credits: CH – Visitnorway.com

8. 112008-99#0183 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (INN-2845-93486_800.jpg)
Name: Stegastein, Aurlandsfjellet
Credits: C H – Visitnorway.com

9. 062007-99#0052 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (148-Rondane-70306_800.jpg)
Name: Husky
Credits: Anders Gjengedal – Visitnorway.com

1. 112016-99#0005 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (Foap-fprunndus-.Sverd-i-Fjelljpg-3313426_800.jpg)
Name: Swords in rock, Hafrsfjord
Credits: fprunndus/Foap/Visitnorway.com

2. 052010-99#0492 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (VisitOslo-Tusenfryd-AndrewParker-230-126159_800.jpg)
Name: Swimming Pool at Tusenfryd, An amusement park outside Oslo.
Credits: Nancy Bundt – Visitnorway.com

3. 062009-99#0112 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (Lillehammer-Hamar-Femunden-09-81-100954_800.jpg)
Name: The big troll, Hunderfossen Winter Park
Credits: CH – Visitnorway.com

1. 102016-99#0270 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (Foap-ninadi-Grunerlokka-3311190_800.jpg)
Name: From Grünerløkka, Oslo
Credits: ninadi/Foap/Visitnorway.com

2. 062014-99#0017 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (A044-C025-1130DJ.0002646-Edit-1297354_800.jpg)
Name: Humpback whale
Credits: Asgeir Helgestad/Artic Light AS/visitnorway.com

3. 112013-99#0479 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (NOV-7697-1055929_800.jpg)
Name: Sunday in the Oslo forest – by lake Sognsvann
Credits: CH – Visitnorway.com

4. 112013-99#0466 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (NOV-6087-1055766_800.jpg)
Name: The Frogner Park
Credits: CH – Visitnorway.com

5. 112013-99#0192 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (Oslo-2-10-1038770_800.jpg)
Name: Astrup Fearnley Museet, Tjuvholmen
Credits: CH – visitnorway.com

6. 112013-99#0040 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (Roros-Tr.Heim-130-1029421_800.jpg)
Name: The Old Town Bridge, Trondheim
Credits: CH – Visitnorway.com

7. 102013-99#0490 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (Tromso-Alta-2013-craig-semi-136-983978_800.jpg)
Name: The Cathedral of the Northern Lights, Alta
Credits: CH – Visitnorway.com

1. 012017-99#0020 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (VN-Besseggen-FP5-4160249_800.jpg)
Name: Hike over the Besseggen ridge
Credits: Visitnorway.com/Espen Kristiansen/Field Productions

2. 102016-99#0221 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (Foap-julieweiss10-Hordaland-3307331_800.jpg)
Name: Låtefossen waterfall and bridge, Odda
Credits: julieweiss10/Foap/Visitnorway.com

3. 102016-99#0093 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (Longyearbyen-church-Svalbard-REX-3911-3163722_800.jpg)
Name: Longyearbyen Church, Svalbard
Credits: Renato Granieri/Visitnorway.com

4. 092011-99#0186 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (Atlanter-2011-finals-TIFF-54-of-100-145072_800.jpg)
Name: Giutar exhibition at Rockheim, Trondheim
Credits: CH – Visitnorway.com

5. 072009-99#0071 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (-DSC3354-101764_800.jpg)
Name: Kirkenes Snow Hotel, Finnmark
Credits: Terje Rakke/Nordic Life – Visitnorway.com

6. 032009-99#0011 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (-DSC4603-95737_800.jpg)
Name: Soldiers at Fredriksten Fortress
Credits: Terje Rakke/Nordic Life – Visitnorway.com

By User:Sveter (Please credit as “Petr Šmerkl, Wikipedia” in case you use this outside WMF projects.) – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=7440346

By HuBar – Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1141093

By Harvey Barrison – Flickr: Ny-Ålesund_2013 06 07_3603, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=29007833

1. 112013-99#0057 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (Roros-Tr.Heim-83-1029644_800.jpg)
Name: Bakklandet, Trondheim
Credits: CH – Visitnorway.com

2. 092011-99#0150 (Web large (Jpeg) 800px) (Atlanter-2011-finals-TIFF-18-of-100-144928_800.jpg)
Name: A Couple at the Pirbadet Waterpark in Trondheim
Credits: CH – Visitnorway.com

Any pictures not listed are taken from the linked websites with no copyright reference, if anybody feels violated, please notify, and Norway Today will amend / remove.

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