ABB with solution for cruises in the Arctic

ABB luxury cruise ships arctics Lindblad ExpeditionsABB supplies power, electrical propulsion and automation to luxury cruise ships for the arctic regions (Ill. Lindblad Expeditions Holdings Inc.)

ABB provides total solution for cruise ships in Arctic regions

Lindblad Expeditions’ ship, built by the Ulstein Shipyard, is equipped with power, automation, propulsion and digital solutions provided by ABB. It will take cruise passengers on exploration of remote arctic areas. This emerges in a press release from the company.


Safety, sustainability and comfort have been at the forefront when designing the ice-going vessel. It is equipped with ABB’s power and automation solutions along with two Azipod DO propulsion units, which are especially compact and powerful. Asea, Brown, Bowery (ABB) was the only provider that satisfied the company’s requirements for electrical encapsulated propulsion solutions with sufficiently high classification.

The ship is designed by Ulstein Design & Solutions and is being built by the Ulstein Shipyard. Delivery is the first quarter of 2020.

The innovation is dubbed the world’s foremost expedition ship and allows passengers to experience the surroundings through custom-designed observation areas and easy access to explore the nature en route. There will be 69 cabins available to passengers and facilities for the most demanding travelers.

– We look forward to working with ABB on the construction of one of the world’s most advanced expedition ships, says Nikolaos G. Doulis, head of construction at Lindblad Expeditions.

– The choice of ABB is based on our experience with them as a reliable and innovative partner. ABB Azipod propulsion offers significant benefits with regards to safety and fuel consumption, high performance under demanding ice conditions and improved comfort on board, he goes on.

– The emergence of cruise-based expedition ships meant for arctic regions is well suited to the competence areas of ABB, says Head of Marine Operations at ABB in Norway, Sindre Sætre.

– Electrical solutions are more reliable, efficient, environmentally friendly and more adaptive to digitalization than mechanical solutions. Additionally Azipod propulsion offers improved maneuverability and enhances the comfort of both passengers and crew, according to Sætre.

Cuts in power requirements

In addition to enabling navigation in ice covered waters, and meeting requirements for operation in the arctic regions, the Azipod DO need 25 per cent less power than other propulsion systems to achieve similar performance.

The ABB AbilityTM System 800xA control system will further improve efficiency and safety. It integrates power, propulsion and decision support into a common platform, which gives both crew and land-based teams a good overview of how to operate the ship in an optimal way. All management and monitoring features have a unified interface, which contributes to a better and intuitive user experience.

When the cruise ship is put into operation, it will be linked to ABB’s Collaborative Operations Centres, including Billingstad on the outskirts of Oslo. The interaction centres monitor the performance of ABB equipment on board and can anticipate upcoming problems and assist in troubleshooting if something unforeseen occurs. ABB estimates that this reduces service missions on board by up to 70 per cent while halving costs in docks, since service engineers, equipment, tools and / or components may be in place from the start of the operation.

The Ulstein Shipyard has an option to build another two ships with the same design on behalf of Lindblad Expeditions Holding.

– We are well acquainted with plans to build luxury ships with ice-capabilities to follow the course staked out by great polar heroes like Nansen and Amundsen, says Sætre.

– We also are aware that the most adventurous shipowners are planning to make use of battery based propulsion.

Sætre concludes with the company’s strategy for marine operations: “Electrical. Digital. Connected”, supported by the aforementioned interaction centers spread across the globe, making for 24/7 support. They coordinate remote analysis, monitoring, diagnostics and proactive maintenance services for the equipment provided by ABB.


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