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Bergen introduces cruise limits

Bergen harbourBergen harbour. Photo: Marit Rasmussen / NTB scanpix.


Bergen municipality will introduce a limit of maximum four ships and a maximum of 9,000 passengers into port per day in Bergen.


The new measure is a consensus between, Bergen Travel association, the city of Bergen and the Omland Port Authority.

“Our goal is to have Bergen be an attractive city for cruise tourists, other travelers, and the city dwellers themselves in the future.

We must ensure that cruise traffic is maintained at a manageable level without causing large crowds, “says Julie Andersland, City Council for Climate, Culture and Nutrition.

The passenger limits will apply to all new bookings. Arrivals of cruise ships are booked several years in advance, so these changes will not come into force until 2020.

“A limit on the number of ships and passengers will provide better air and less crowding in the city. With this, Bergen appears to be a future-oriented and a city with vision,”says Bergen and Omland harbor council chairman Jan Erik Kjerpeseth.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today