Bomb threat against plane en route to Nice

Norwegian Bomb threatNorwegian flight DY4321 from Arlanda to Nice parked after bomb treath. Photo: Utryckning Uppsala.

Bomb threat against Norwegian plane en route to Nice

A Norwegian airlines flight, en route from Stockholm to Nice, has returned to Arlanda after a bomb threat was called in. The threat allegedly came from Oslo. A SAS flight ran into problems at Gardermoen as well.


The plane is now stationary at the airport. Police and ambulance personnel are in place. According to Aftonbladet, the Swedish Bomb squad is on the way to the airport as well.

According to the newspaper, the Swedish Maritime and Aircraft Rescue Center received the threat at 10.39 am on Thursday. That is 30 minutes after departure. The threat was reportedly called in from Oslo.

“We can confirm that a bomb threat has been made against flight DY4321 from Arlanda to Nice. For safety reasons, the aircraft returned to Arlanda,” Communication Adviser in Norwegian, Tonje Næss, tells NTB.

The aircraft, which is of the type Boeing 737, landed at Arlanda at 11.15 am and is now parked at the end of one of the runways.

“This is now a police matter. Further questions have to be addressed to them. Security is Norwegians most important priority,” Næss continues.

“All I can say is that we are working with an airline that has received a threat, Press Officer on duty of the Stockholm police,” Towe Hägg, tells Aftonbladet.

According to Johan Beischer at the Naval and Air Rescue Center, there are 169 persons on board the aircraft. The plane is presently surrounded by emergency vehicles.

Aftonbladet reports that passengers and crew will now be evacuated from the aircraft onto the runway. There is heavy snowfall in the Stockholm area at the moment.

See live video here.

SAS plane skidded on a slippery runway at Gardermoen

A SAS plane slipped straight ahead as it was going to turn on the taxiway at Oslo airport, Gardermoen on Thursday. No one was injured, but the passengers are transferred to other departures.

The East Police District moved out to the scene.

It is not reported of personal injury, and it all appears as being undramatic. The airline handles passengers according to their own routines, the police reports.

The plane was on the taxiway, on its way to de-icing, Information Manager of SAS, Knut Morten Johansen, tells Romerikes Blad.

“In a 90-degree turn, the plane continues virtually straight ahead despite keeping very low speed, but it is not correct to say that it has slipped off the runway,” Johansen explains.

There were 140 passengers on board the aircraft, which were headed for Arlanda in Stockholm. It wound up in a position which meant that it was difficult to pull it backwards. It did not hinder other aircraft, though.

According to TV 2, the passengers were picked up by bus. They are all transferred to later departures.

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