The Consumer Council warns against bankrupt travel agency

LanzaroteLanzarote.Photo: Halvard Alvik, SCANPIX

The Consumer Council asks Norwegians who have bought package tours with the now  bankrupt Spanish agency Lowcost Travel Group,  to contact them.

If you have purchased package tours from the travel agency – ie trips abroad which include both the flights or other means of travel and the stay – you have more rights, according to the Consumer Council, which wants Norwegians to contact them for help in clarifying their rights.

– If you buy a package tour, you get a guarantee that allows you come back home, even in the event of a bankruptcy. It applies throughout the EU / EEA area, so you also get such a guarantee when buying a trip by a Spanish company,   Kirsti Pamphlett, senior adviser  Consumer Europe, a division of the Consumer Council, says.
The warning comes after the Spanish agency Lowcost Travel Group went bankrupt Friday 15 July.

There are now 27,000 customers of the company who are now on their package tours and 110,000 who have booked travel. Many of them are from Scandinavia, the Consumer Council adds.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today