Holiday stomach and muscle ache tops list

toilet, holiday stomachA lot of people spnd their time on the can during holidays. Photo:

Holiday stomach, muscle ache and pneumonia tops injury list

Holiday stomach, aka Montezuma’s revenge, in Turkey, as well as muscle pain and pneumonia in the heat of  Thailand and Greece, are the injuries SOS International’s emergency centre is most often notified of.


The company, which is owned by several of the largest insurance companies in the Nordic region, has made the survey based on inquiries in the weeks 20-27 this year. Compared to the same period last year, the number of reported injuries in Turkey has increased by 94 per cent.

“It is a big increase, which we think must be due to more stability in the country, which has enticed Norwegians to travel there again. In addition, there has been a decline in prices for trips to Turkey because of the amazing summer weather here, “says Head of Division in SOS International, Karin Tranberg.

Turkey takes the third spot among the countries where the company has had to help Norwegians. On top of the list is Spain, followed by Greece.

SOS International encourages people to obtain coverage by the blue EU health insurance card.


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