The meteorologists have one good and one bad news

Sky, heat record May Summer WeatherSummer. Photo: Norway Today Media

The meteorologists have one good and one bad news

Unstable summer weather throughout Norway reports the meterologists.


As we enter into the last week of June and July is approaching with leaps and bounds, most hope had the meteorologists only have good news in store for Norway.

Unfortunately, that is not the case. It is unstable summer weather in store as far as meteorologists can predict.

The Meteorological Institute reports weather that entail shorts and sunglasses in several places in Norway this coming week.

But the joy is unfortunately short-lived, as rainy weather will also show up most places during the week.

20 degrees Celsius will be appear sometime during the week in most places, says Mariann Foss, Head Meteorologist at Meteorological Institute.

A low pressure currently prevailant over Ireland and England is slowly coming our way, and on Wednesday night it will lead to increasing wind and cloudy weather in southern Norway.

Both 20 degrees and rain

While low-pressure clouds will shadow for the South of Norway on Wednesday, temperatures are going to be high and what the meteorologist describes as “not too bad conditions” in Møre og Romsdal and in Trøndelag.

It has been quite cool in Møre og Romsdal, but from Wednesday it seems to be around 18 to 19 degrees. The same applies to Trøndelag, where it can become in excess of 20 degrees, says Foss.

But as it approaches the weekend, the low pressure moves north, and Norway is affected by rainfall after the low pressure.

It is generally unstable summer weather throughout the country and not long lasting stable anywhere. Most people get a few days with improving weather before it detoriates again, says the meteorologist.

The whole of southern Norway has some days with 20 degrees and fine weather at the start of the week, while later in the week it is the same area that going to be the wettest.

In northern Norway it is relatively cool during the day, but also there will be periods of warmer temperatures approaching the weekend.

Perhaps it even in the north reaches 20 degrees some places, says Foss.

Moderate breeze

Together with the low pressure, there will also be wind.

All areas in Norway, on the coast and in the mountains can get up to a moderate breeze, says Foss, adding:

So it is not going to be very good boat-weather either.

The meteorologist says it’s difficult to say whether the weather will remain unstable in the weeks to come.

All I can predict now is 10 days ahead, and the unstable weather seems to go on, says Foss.

She says that when it becomes unstable weather in Europe during the summer, is that it tends to last for a while.

Sorry Bergen

June goes towards the end and Bergen has had rain every day so far this month. Thus, the weather record in the city has been broken.

Even today it has rained a little. It came 0.1 millimeter this afternoon, says Foss.

On Twitter, the Meteorological Institute writes: “Sorry Bergen! There will be some rain-clouds coming in. We are working hard to drive them away!


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