New rules for passport control at Kastrup mean travellers must count on long and tedious queues

KastrupSAS flight at Kastrup. Copenhagen, Denmark.Photo: Erik Johansen / NTB scanpix

Travellers leaving the Schengen area must count on queues being long and, maybe take a deck chair, or camp bed,when the new passport rules enter into force at Copenhagen Airport.


‘For example, if you are going to the United States, Thailand, London or another place outside of Schengen, you have to get your passport scanned,’ said Chef Kasper Hyllested at Copenhagen Airport.

‘It’s all new, the system that the police will scan all passports. There is no doubt that delays will occur at passport control’,he said.

According to Hyllested, the biggest pressure at passport control will begin at midnight, between 00.00 and 03.00.

On Saturday, the scheme will enter into force in Denmark. The EU adopted the regime for increased control at EU borders on the 7th of April. Danish airports received six months postponement to introduce the new procedures.

The new scheme may herald ever increasing control regimes worldwide, so that every facet of life, from travel, to shopping,to entertainment, eating, drinking, and eventually even thinking, may be scanned, chipped and documented for full access to individual’s every waking, and sleeping, moment.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today