There is no temporary border control in the direction of the United States at Oslo Airport for now

Oslo Airport Gardermoen CustomsOslo Airport Gardermoen. Photo Norway Today Media

Since no American airline has a route to the United States from Gardermoen, the airport is completely excluded from a simplified entry system to the United States at the moment.


Norway and Sweden have been working for several years to establish a system of preclearance for air travel to the United States.

The scheme entails that US officials from US Customs and Border Protection are posted at Oslo Airport and check the travel documents of travellers to the States.

Sweden has come the furthest in the process, and is preparing for necessary legislative changes, so that US officials can perform their work at Arlanda in Stockholm.

State Secretary Tom Cato Karlsen in the Ministry of Transport and Communications (Frp) announced to Aftenposten that Norway has recently begun negotiations with the United States to put in place so-called preclearance.

However, he also confirms that the Americans require the airport to have at least one US airline with a route to the US before it becomes applicable to simplified passport control.

Oslo has not had a route with an American company since United Airlines drove the route to New York in September 2016.

Jasper Spruit, Director of Traffic Development in Avinor, nevertheless believes that this piece will be able to fall into place soon.

“Avinor is constantly working on connection to new routes and new companies. We are also in a dialogue with American companies. We think such a company will be working at Oslo Airport in the near future”, he states.


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