Norwegian woman jailed in Netherlands after fight on plane


A Norwegian woman has been sentenced to six months in prison in the Netherlands for attacking cabin crew when she was denied alcohol on board a plane.


Half the dwntence was made conditional. In addition to imprisonment,the woman was sentenced to pay 5,000 euros (NOK 48,000) in compensation, reported TV 2 news.

The woman was on hier way to Panama from Amsterdam with her boyfriend on January the 5th this year. The couple were refused more alcohol serving on board the plane because they were disturbing other passengers, reported De Telegraaf newspaper.

The woman then turned on the cabin crew.

According to the newspaper, the cabin crew had an effort to keep the two under control during the long flight. The Norwegian couple were arrested when they landed, and returned to the Netherlands. There, the woman was kept in custody, while the man was released.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today