‘Ruter’ spend much more money on controls than they take in

metro, subway, Hadia TajikMetro. Photo: Norway Today Media

The public transport company, ‘Ruter’, in Oslo and Akershus,spent NOK 73 million more on ticket checks last year than the company received as a result of these checks.


This was shown in accounting figures that VG newspaper have gained access to. Since 2013, ticket controls have cost NOK 180 million more than the company have received in fees. During the past five years, only in 2014 did controls make more than what they cost.

Ruter guard, Øystein Dahl Johansen, of Ruter pointed out that taken in isolation, the numbers give a wrong picture, as there is still a risk of getting caught without a valid ticket.

‘’The main effect of the ticket control is to ensure that people travel with a valid ticket. Ruter would wish we did not have to carry out checks and that everyone paid for the service they used. This is not the case now, said the guard.

‘Skyss’ in Hordaland, ‘AtB’ in Trøndelag, and ‘Kolumbus’ have also gone into minus profits from ticket controls in recent years, though not as large as Ruter, according to VG newspaper.

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