Cabin up for sale without owners knowledge

Illustration, CabinIllustration,Cabin: Photo: Norway Today Media

Cabin for sale – family flabbergasted

A family were extremely surprised at discovering that their cabin was up for sale without their knowledge. A woman who was a total stranger to the family was all of a sudden registered as the owner.



It was the taxation man who was hired in connection with the sale that discovered the special circumstances, according to Dagens Næringsliv.

He stumbled upon the fact that a neighbour gave a different name of the owner than was the case with his contract regarding the property, which is situated on the border between the municipalities Buskerud and Telemark.

– Someone just took the cabin. It is a small cabin, not particularly attractive, little used and worth next to nothing. So maybe this combination made it attractive, says Anne Berit Mork.

Her 87 year old father owns the cottage, but it appears that strangers had filed fake sales documents in where it was stated that the father had sold the property for NOK 800,000 to a 28 year old woman in January.

The alleged new owner of the cabin denies the accusation that she counterfeited the sales contract, saying that she was unawares that she was listed as the owner. She says she was a victim of a so-called ID theft last autumn.

The case was reported to the police and the investigation has been completed.

– This was an investigation of a counterfeit attempt and the alleged ownership of the cabin was found to be fake,’ says Anne Strømnes, Investigator at the Oslo Police.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today