Thinks it is wise to acquire a passport on this date

Norwegian PassportNorwegian Passport. Photo: Norway Today Media

Forget it, says the police, it’s the worst day for renewal of your passport

– Boxed in weekdays with school-free are days where ‘everyone’ will be fooled into getting a passport without taking time of from work.

In May this year, there is only one such date. With Ascension Day being on Thursday 25 May, we expect a huge influx of applicants on Friday 26.

Unless you want to spend your entire day off in the waiting room at a police station, it is prudent to avoid this date.

– We are simply warning against applying for a passport this day, says Police Chief in Møre og Romsdal Police District, Britt Eli Kjøl.

As a Police Officer in Molde, she knows a lot about what can be expected.

The two days before and after May 17th can also be tough for those who do not like waiting in line for travel documents.


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