Tourists are returning to Turkey

izmir, Turkey TouristsIzmir in Turkey, Photo: Norway Today media

Tourists are returning to Turkey

For the first time since the end of 2015, Turkey has an increasing influx of tourists. In April tourism increased by 18 per cent from the same period on the year before.

People from Germany and Russia were the two largest groups of visitors in April.

Many Russian tourists boycotted the popular holiday country after Turkey shot a Russian fighter plane down near the border with Syria by the end of 2015.

Now, however, the Russians are coming back. In April, 485 percent more Russians came to Turkey than in the same period last year.

Conflicts inside Turkey, which include political conflicts, the coup attempt, its aftermaths and terrorist attacks have hit the tourism sector hard. By 2016, Turkey had 30 percent fewer visitors than the year before.


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