Europe’s first underwater restaurant: “Under”

Restaurant UnderA view out at the ocean from the main dining room of Restaurant "Under". Photo: Under

Europe’s first underwater restaurant: “Under”

In this article, I’m going to introduce you to one of the most fascinating restaurants in the world. This restaurant, which was recently opened in Norway, is a great attraction to double the pleasure of eating there. Follow this article to learn more about this appealing eatery.

Europe’s first underwater restaurant which name is “Under” in southern Norway was opened in a region called Båly in Lindesnes, 70 km from Kristiansand. This unique architectural structure was built by the Norwegian Snøhetta Architecture Group over three years.

This underwater restaurant, located 5 meters below the sea level, is 33.5 meters in length, has three floors and can seat up to 100 guests.

The 11-meter panoramic view of the restaurant allows its guests to watch spectacular views of underwater nature while eating.

The restaurant’s menu, designed by a Danish chef called Nicolai Ellitsgaard, remains confidential but is said to be highly based on local seafood, although other food items like mushrooms, berries, sea birds and mountain goats living in nearby areas should also be added to this list.

A brief look at the details of the construction and design

The main body of the structure of the “Under” restaurant has been reinforced concrete to provide the highest strength against the waves of the sea. Also, the restaurant is made of natural materials such as oak, and it has been given special attention to interior lighting so that the guests of this restaurant are not confused with the utmost confidence and safety of being surrounded by a tightly lit space.

“The outside lighting is very important because it will be very dark in the winter and at night, and without light alone You will see the restaurant’s reflection on the window,” Architect Rune Grasdal informs. Grasdal is the leader of the group of architects involved in the construction of this underwater restaurant says.

The exterior of the restaurant looks like a semi-sunken seaside periscope to capture the most environmentally friendly.

“One of the benefits of this structure is that it links the nature to the ground and that you can get underwater with full safety in a beautiful, dramatic manner from the ground that using this structure,” Rune Grasdal continues. 

Travel to the underwater world of concrete, and experience something that is not possible in the normal state of experience.  Also, in order to better adapt to the environment, concrete structures are designed so that bivalves can stick to it and combine it with the underwater nature of the area.

“Under” will open in April 2019. However, there will be restrictions on seat reservation until the summer season. According to Rune Grasdal directions, the best way to travel to this restaurant is to first check the weather in the area this as it’s the most exciting experience to visit “Under” in the rough seasons, ie the winter and autumn. 

“It’s great to see that the sea level is broken by great waves and rain, which will create a dramatic look, but at the same time, you’ll feel calm and secure inside the restaurant,” he concludes.

In order to book a table, ask questions or information about restaurant conditions, visit their webpage.


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