Vacationing couple buy apartment for 18.5 million in Bergen

BERGEN,cityBERGEN.Photo: Cornelius Poppe / SCANPIX

An American couple fell in love with Bergen so much, that they bought an apartment at Nordnes while on their third day here.


– “I have never experienced anything like this, in fact, I have not heard of similar.” says Tom Jørgensen, General Manager of Private Realestate Broker firm Vikebø & Jørgensen, to Bergens Tidende.

It is an American couple who visited Bergen a few days in July and during their third day, bought a luxury apartment at Nordnes. The couple has no affiliations to Norway.

– When a tourist wants to see an apartment in that price range, you do not expect it to end with a sale. If this wasn’t the middle summer, I may not have had the time to meet with him, says Jørgensen.

The American looked around the apartment for half an hour, he then decided he had to show it to his wife.

An hour later he was ready to buy and asked if he could get it for 18 million. There was a bit of American swagger, he expected it all to be complete with a handshake,” says Jørgensen to the newspaper.

The listing was priced at 19 million NOK and after negotiation with the seller they agreed at 18.5 million. Everything happened in a matter of hours. The next day the couple went on.


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