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Ving takes on parental role

Ving sun april foolWe take another step to improve Norwegians health, says information manager in Ving, Siri Røhr-Staff. Photo: Ving

Ving takes on parental role

Ving bans WiFi and prohibits data roaming in family hotels.


More and more Norwegians show signs of screen addiction. In order to mitigate this apparently growing problem, Ving has decided to shut down the wireless network at the popular family hotels O.B.C. operated under the brand name Sunwing.


The current smartphones have paved the way for completely different behavioral patterns both for children and adults. We are more and more obsessed with our deices, even during our holidays. Ving has therefore decided to remove the free access to to the net in their popular hotels as of April 2018.

– Here we have created wonderful family hotels in beautiful surroundings, with sea views, palm trees and infinity pools, and then our guests are missing out on everything because they just sit around staring at their phones! They barely have time to upload to Instagram! Digital detox is the rage!. Being here and now is what matters, says information manager in Ving, Siri Røhr-Staff.

– In 2012, we introduced a ban on smoking in all our Sunwing Family Resorts, and now we take the next step to improve the health of Norwegians. As was case was when we banned smoking, some customers will certainly be displeased with this measure, with this, but I think that people will thank us for our iniative eventually, Røhr-Staff continues.

O.B.C. by Sunwing is the brand new family concept found in Cyprus, Gran Canaria and Crete. The ban is introduced at the hotels as a pilot before the summer season. If the trial is successful, Ving will offer digital detox at several of their hotels.

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