The Fastest Way to Check US Visa-Free Travel

USA Flag Visa-freeThe "Stars and Stripes" is the flag of the United States of America. Photo: Pixabay

The Fastest Way to Check US Visa-Free Travel Eligibility

The fastest way to check US visa-free travel has now been made available through the ESTA Eligibility Checker, developed by VisaGuide.World.


In response to the tightening of the Visa Waiver Program rules, VisaGuide.World has crafted an easy way to determine whether you can travel to the US visa-free.

The checker is free of charge, doesn’t require or collect personal information (ID, name, email), and provides an instant answer in a matter of seconds.

“Javier Solana’s denial of entry to the U.S in June was the most high-profile ESTA denial and the need for a preliminary check of eligibility became evident. We knew we had to act,” says Gent Ukehajdaraj of VisaGuide.

“An initial denial of an ESTA application may result in further denials should the circumstances of the applicant fail to change.” a DHS spokesperson has previously stated.

Currently, citizens of 38 countries can travel to the U.S without a visa for visits shorter than 90 days.

The ESTA application must be submitted at least 72 hours before travel, as airport arrivals without a previously approved ESTA will likely be denied boarding.

Find out if you are eligible here.

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