Wrote climbing history in the Himalayas

Mount Everest Himalayas Climbing historyMount Everest. North Face Photo: By Luca Galuzzi (Lucag) -

Norwegian wrote climbing history in the Himalayas

Norwegian Tor Sunde-Rasmussen and his expedition on Sunday made climbing history when they as the first in the world climbed the Dolma Khang Mountain in the Himalayas.

It’s the first time the 6,360 meter tall mountain has been climbed, writes Dalane Tidende.

According to NRK 68-year-old Sunde-Rasmussen, who is from Egersund, reached the top together with one sherpa. According to his Facebook page, the trip started from base camp at 4,750 meters Saturday night Norwegian time. Just before half past six Sunday morning, Sunde-Rasmussen called his wife from the top.

– He was incredibly pleased. He thinks that this top trip is one of the toughest he has experienced, the 68-year-old’s son has written on Facebook.


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