Fagforbundet dissuade supporting Sp

Fagforbundet Mette NordLeader of Fagforbundet, Mette Nord. Photo: Birgit Dannenberg

Leaders of Fagforbundet dissuade supporting Sp

Several county and regional leaders in the LO’s largest federation, Fagforbundet (The Federation of Municipal and General Employees), fear that the Centre Party (Sp) will go in cahoots with the right. It, therefore, dissuades their members from supporting the political party.

Fagforbundet is the largest contributor to the Centre Party. It has contributed NOK 1.25 million in election support to this autumn’s local elections campaign and NOK 1 million in operating support.

Now several county and regional leaders are imploring their members not to vote for the Centre Party at this autumn’s municipal elections, writes Aftenposten.

The county teams in Oslo, Trøndelag, Vestfold, Telemark, Hordaland, Hedmark, Oppland, Akershus, Sogn & Fjordane and Møre & Romsdal express great scepticism or opposition to the Centre Party, According to the newspaper’s survey. While only five out of a total of 17 regions are clear that they will not advise against supporting it.



Red-green affinity not confirmed

“We have had several meetings with the Centre Party and asked them to make a clear choice, in order for us to encourage our members to vote ‘red-green’. That they have not been able to do so thus far, makes us very uncertain,” Leader of Fagforbundet in Hordaland, Ørjan Myrmel states.

“I understand the leaders because the Centre Party never came up with a confirmation that they want ‘red-green’ cooperation locally,” Leader of the Federation, Mette Nord, tells Aftenposten.

the Centre Party is currently very well placed according to the polls. According to Kommunal Rapport’s (Municipal Report) latest mayor forecast, the party is set to have the most mayors – by a clear margin – after this autumn’s local elections.

Leader of the Center Party, Trygve Slagsvold Vedum, says that their goal is to have their best municipal elections ever this autumn.

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