The Sami Parliament to Tysfjord

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The Sami Parliament to Tysfjord

The Sami Parliament travels to Tysfjord to get input on how to follow-up the Tysfjord case.


– The Sami Parliament has decided to play an active role in following up the Tysfjord case. Therefore, we will meet with Doajmma Siebrre Julevsábme (DSJ) and Árran Luleam Center on December 13, states Sami Council member, Mikkel Eriks Mikkelsen.

The Sami Parliament has allocated NOK 150,000 towards a support concert in the municipality where the focus is pride and will require a review of public aid, child welfare and the police in a meeting with the municipality and modernization department next week.

151 cases of sexual abuse

The police in Nordland have registered 82 abused and 92 suspects in what is by far the most comprehensive offense case in Norway. The youngest child was as little as four years old when the assaults started. The oldest was 75 years. In addition, the police find that the suspects age range from 10 to 80 years. 151 of the 161 cases regards sexual assault.

Mikkelsen says there are many unanswered questions regarding the follow-up of the case.

– There is a question about how the situation could be so extensive before it was handled, and how public bodies systematically failed in the follow-up of abuse cases, he says.


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