11 things you should NOT do to a bartender

Bartender BarBar. Pixabay.com

11 things you absolutely should NOT do to a bartender

We have had a chat with some of the Stavanger city’s bartenders. We however think that most of these rules apply to anywhere & anyplace.


Here are the bartenders tips to the galaxy. Don’t panic!

They stand behind the bar counter weekend after weekend. And they’re usually smiling and pleasant.

However it is often not the case that the customer is always right. (For sometimes the customer is both rude and condescending!) We have taken a round with the city bartenders to check what annoys them most with those appearing on the other side of the counter.

1. Don’t try to be commanding!

Bartenders are not dogs. They do not respond to commands such as whistling, snapping of fingers, cash throwing, waving et cetera. The order will be addressed and you most often get your drink when it’s your turn!

2. “A nice drink, thank you!”

It’s quite cute when people make an order for “a nice drink” and then return it. “If you know what you want, then bloody well order it!”

3. Order, and wait!

The bartenders tell us that there are people who order at the bar, then sit down in the premises and expect to be served at the table. This may work in other countries, but not in Norway.

Do you think the bartender manages to memorize all the guests? No.

4. Do not be condescending

– The semi-geriatrics are often the worst. They are often overbearing and say things like: Oh! But you are too young to know what that is! ”

B¤%ch, f%)¤ you!!!!!!. 

– Sincerely from an agitated bartender who does not wish to reveal his name.

5. Do not pretend you know the bartender

– There are people out there who have figured out my name, and so they call the name intensely, loudly and with a great variety of pace. If we do not know each other, do not pretend that we are friends. If we actually know each other, do not shout at me, anyways. (You might be invited to stay after hours if you don’t).

6. Rebate

“Sometimes people are so brazen that they claim that they work here. But they do not. I work here and I do not know who you are”

It is also common for people to claim that they know the bosses or other bartenders (see point 5). You are not entitled to a discount – regardless of what you say is true or not. And it does not make a difference whether you have a birthday or not.

7. Strange habits

Everyone has some weird habits. Even though you may have paid a entry fee at the door, or spent a lot of money on drinks, there is no call to behave like a pig.

Do not throw the snuff on the ceiling, on walls and floors. Do not deposit garbage into your glass or tear of bottle labels, receipts and the like and then sprinkle them around you.

“Surprisingly, people often clean their wallets at the bar. WTF?”

8. If you are late..

B-52 Whisky

Complicated drink, just before closing time. Photo: Pixabay.com

Do not order five mojitos two minutes before closing time. Just don’t. A few B-52’s is always welcome though…

9. Flirting

It is allowed to flirt, but show consideration! It quickly that one feels as if a piece of meat behind the counter.

10. General discontent

Bartenders are told that they are playing the wrong kind of music, the prices are too high, the bar is crap, the selection is poor – and all other kind of grumbling.

Mostly, it’s not their fault – and there’s nothing they can do about it.

11. Everybody are served

Although it does not look like there are controls on bar queues, bartenders have surprisingly good control. If you follow the unwritten rules, it will be your turn fairly quickly.

“Don’t bypass the queue because you only want to request water or want to ask me a question. The others also only want to order something. And they are even willing to pay me.”

At the end of the night: Please, be good, let’s cheer for our bartenders!


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