Church introduces Vipps payment of collect

VippsVipps. Photo:

Security is the main reason why Uranienborg Church in Oslo now adopt mobile payment to collect the collect.
– The most important thing is security. Now we don’t have to handle the cash, and that’s a big advantage,  CEO Svein Beksrud in Uranienborg Church says to the newspaper Vårt Land.
The church is the first in Norway to introduce the DNB payment service Vipps in their collection efforts. This trend has already taken root in Denmark, where over 100 churches use the Danish Bank( Danske Bank) app MobilePay, which competes with Vipps.
Several churches across the land have previously experienced being robbed of the collects that have been collected from the pews.
– We will not deny that money has been stolen. Electronic transmission is safer,  churchwarden Robin Wright in Oslo, who is in favor of the scheme, says.
But even  mobile payment is introduced, the traditional collection bags will still be retained for a good while. Previously, several churches used SMS to collect money, but congregations Our Country has spoken to intimate that they met with little success.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today