Easter service canceled – pastor too liberal

Jesus Last supper Easter serviceThe last supper. Photo: Piaxabay.com

Easter service canceled because the pastor is a homo-liberal

A traditional Easter service in Áisaroaivi in Finnmark has been canceled because the Samí Mission has tightened the rules on who can perform a religious service in their houses dedicated to worship.


The homo-liberal pastor from Hammerfest, Jon Arne Tandberg, has for several years organized worship at Áisaroaivi in the Kvalsund municipality in Finnmark on Easter Sunday, but he is no longer welcome to do so, writes NRK.

The chapel dedicated to the Christian God is owned by the Samí Mission of Norway, which has sent a letter to the congregation in Hammerfest, stating that only pastors who have a view on homosexuals that are in line with their interpretation of the bible can perform a service in their places of worship. The Samí Mission of Norway has a very conservative (Lestadian /Calvinist) view on how to interpret the bible.

Tandberg, or other people of the cloth who accept homosexuality, can therefore not provide religious services to their congregations anymore.

-I’m saddened that we now have to cancel the ceremony up there on the mountain, he says.

– Christians gather to celebrate Easter and the resurrection of our lord Jesus Christ, but this means that the Samí Mission prefer that the church is empty on Easter Sunday [than to accept a diverging view], says Tandberg to NRK.

Does not understand

The chairman of The Samí Mission of Norway, Roald Gundersen, refutes that Tandberg has been denied performing the service at the chapel at Áisaroaivi. He stresses that they have sent an email stating that only pastors who have a view on homosexuality in line with their own are allowed to perform services in their houses dedicated to the worship of God, nothing more, nothing less.

– Therefore he is not banned as such. I think it’s odd that this issue appears in the media before we have even received an answer to this email, says Gundersen.


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