Increase in humanist confirmations

confirmationsIncrease in humanist confirmations.Photo: Marianne Løvland / Scanpix

More than 11,500 youths are to be ‘humanistically’ confirmed during spring and autumn, which is a new record.


This corresponds to 18.6% of all Norwegian 15-year-olds, reported the Human-Ethical Association (HEF).

Secretary General Trond Enger of HEF is very pleased that almost one in five citizens choose humanistic confirmations.

“The information society of today requires young people to learn to think critically and independently. Our course will give young people self-esteem, stimulate their curiosity and train their ability to reflect,” said Enger.

The county with the highest percentage of humanist confirmations is Vestfold with 27.4%. Then follows Akershus with 25.2 and Oslo, where 23.6% of those who reach the age of 15 in 2018 have chosen humanistic confirmation. Finnmark, Sogn and Fjordane are the lowest, with a share of 9.7 and 7.3% respectively.

Humanist confirmation, formerly known as bourgeois confirmation, has existed since 1951. At that time, the course was called ”Courses in Good Citizenship”, and since then, over 260,000 young people have been confirmed in this way.

“Although the course has changed over the years, topics such as choice,critical thinking and the meaning of life are still as important for young people to reflect on. In Humanist Confirmation, they get the chance to discuss these questions with other confirmants,’’ said Enger.

The percentage of 15-year-olds confirmed by the Norwegian Church was 57.5% last year, a drop of around 10% compared to 2007.


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