Marcus and Martinus to conquer Germany

Marcus and MartinusMarcus and Fredrik Varfjell / NTB scanpix

– Now they must learn German, says Anita Hegerland, who also made great career in Germany.

The twins Marcus and Martinus have taken Norway by storm and are loved by teenage girls across the country.

Now they step up a notch from Norway into Germany. This week they appeared in the talk show of stand-up comedian Mario Barth, and thereby performed before 20 million viewers, according to VG.

– Germany is the world’s third largest music market, so it is clear that there is a very lucrative market to get into. In addition, it is so huge, 80 million people live there, says music expert and associate professor at BI, Audun Molde.

If the twins manage to charm the German audience, it could really be a milestone towards something even bigger.

There are many Norwegian artists who have succeeded in Germany. Among them Silje Nergaard, Anita Hegerland, Wenche Myhre and Marit Larsen.

For Silje Nergaard Germany has meant a lot.

– All audiences are different, but Germany seems to have learned to applause properly, they clap loud and for a long time. They both listen and are engaged. It is a gift package, says Silje Nergaard.

– Do you have any tips for Marcus and Martinus?

– I think they know all the tricks. They are cheerful and give of themselves, and the giving of sell yourself is the most important, and the Germans appreciate that. I do not know whether Germany will open doors to other countries, but doing well there is quite an achievement, says Nergaard.

 – Must learn German

Since she was 10 years old, Anita Hegerland from Sandefjord has been a celebrity in Germany.

– It’s a sea of people standing in front of you. I remember that it was Beatles tendencies, says Anita Hegerland.

‘Die kleine Anita,’ as the Germans dubbed her, looks back on a childhood that was quite different from others.

– It was just like what Marcus and Martinus now experience with 12 to 25 thousand people at every place – breaking local records. If I wanted to buy something, people would be crowding and I had to be smuggled out the back door, Hegerland remembers.

She recommends that Marcus and Martinus must learn German, it will charm the Germans she says.

– If I’m not mistaken, they will be happy to have Marcus and Martinus to sing in German in Germany, says Hegerland.


Source: / Norway Today / Photo: NTB scanpix