Norwegian chocolate company receives 3 gold awards (yes, you read that right)

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Last month, the beloved Fjåk Chocolate factory, based in Norway, took home three prestigious awards in its field.

Norway’s culinary scene: Seafood, brunost, wild game, lefse, and… Chocolate?

Norway probably isn’t the first country to come to mind when you think “chocolate”.

But the country’s Fjåk Chocolate producer has set out to change that.

Nordic chocolate made with love – here’s how the Norwegian company describes its mission and vision:

“Fjåk is the first bean to bar chocolate maker in Norway. We make organic, ethically traded, ‘bean to bar’ (meaning, small batch) chocolate of the highest quality possible and add the finest natural ingredients from the Nordic nature.

“Our little factory is located in the Hardangerfjord in Norway from where we source our Nordic ingredients.

“We source high-quality cacao beans from exciting origins, the result is an amazing Nordic chocolate which will be blended with the most precious ingredients from the Norwegian nature.

“All our ingredients are 100% organic.

“We make chocolate with love.”

Slew of awards increasing

Fjåk Chocolate has received dozens of awards in the last few years.

The latest were added to its impressive list just last month, in December of 2020.

Fine chocolate award committee Academy of Chocolate bestowed the honors, first with three gold medals for:

  • 68% dark India
  • 45% milk Guatemala and sourdough
  • Caramelized white gingerbread

Silvers were awarded to:

  • 72% dark Guatemala
  • 60% dark milk Madagascar
  • 45% milk brown cheese

Bronzes went to:

  • 70% dark Madagascar
  • 45% milk mushroom

Gratulerer, Fjåk Chocolate!

Source: Norway Today


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