Renaissance man, Ari Behn, exhibits new painting, called ‘Oh, those royals’

Ari BehnAri Behn.Photo: Jon Olav Nesvold / NTB scanpix

Ari Behn is exhibiting new paintings this weekend, along with Mikael Persbrandt, Tor Rafael Raael, and Per Heimly. The royal family is clearly one his inspirations.

The picture at the exhibition, named Solitaire, is the most expensive amongst Ari Behn’s ‘100 strokes before I go’, and has been given the inscription,‘Oh those royals’, according to Drammens Tidende (DT) newspaper.

It can be yours for 95,000. If so, you get an arm amputated princess wearing a diadem, with many legs and a strong green, low-cut dress with blue ribbons to put on the wall.

Another, slightly melancholy, picture is titled ‘Little King’, and costs 45,000.

The pop-up exhibition is at Galleri Oddvar Olsen in Drammen, and lasts two days before it continues to Ås and Tønsberg, according to the newspaper.

Ari Behn, who had previously been known for shouting ‘We are the new wine’ in the Theatre Cafe, tattooing a six on his arm after receiving one for his
first short novel, ‘Trist som faen’, posing as a catalogue model for chunky, woollen sweaters, singing and dancing at outdoor Norwegian summer concerts,
as guest and participant in a variety of Norwegian TV shows, a brief stint as a spoof tramp in London, a green-zone war correspondent after the U.S. invasion of Iraq, and as a tableware designer with an item named ‘Peacock’ and a vase called ‘Hjerte’ said,

In a statement, according to DT, Behn said, ‘I like to have many balls in the air, and chases further on. Lately, I have devoted more time to the art that is characterised by the situation I find myself in’,

Behn was quick to lay out his new paintings on social media after he separated from Princess Martha Louise in August last year. It is not known whether any of these mass of pictorials are represented at the exhibition.

Ari Behn has had several exhibitions since his debut as an art exhibitor in Easter 2013 at Dr. Holms Hotel in Geilo.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today