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Team Norway ready for Lyon

Christopher W. DavidsenChristopher W. Davidsen.Photo:Nestlé Nespresso SA


Team Norway are now making their final preparations before the start of the competition in the Bocuse d’Or, the world’s most prolific culinary competition in Lyon starting on the 24th January. Here 24 of the most promising chefs will compete for the most coveted prize in the world of gastronomy.

Norway’s candidate is Christopher W. Davidsen. Since he took first place in the Chef of the Year in Oslo in autumn 2015, he has been preparing to defend Norway’s honor in the world championship for chefs, the Bocuse d’Or in 2017. Nespresso Norway has been one of the sponsers of the Bocuse d’Or since 2015 and has been following Davidsen and his journey towards his goal.
– I have great faith in the Norwegian team and that the enormous efforts Christopher W. Davidsen has invested will pay off with a position at the very top, says Geir Kronbæck, Country Business Manager for Nespresso Norway.
Source: Nestlé Nespresso SA  / Norway Today


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