The fire department ended the P3 party

Ina Wroldsen P3 GoldIna Wroldsen. Picture: Facebook.

The fire department ended the P3 afterparty

The afterparty following Saturday’s P3 Gold award ceremony was closed when the fire inspector arrived and revealed several serious safety discrepancies. Ina Wroldsen won the P3 Gold award.


There was a combination of several factors that made the party in Oslo Old Town impossible to continue, Dagbladet writes. The newspaper has talked to the Oslo Fire and Rescue Service. The main reason why the fire department imposed such drastic measures was a lack of escape routes.

– It’s a very high threshold to close an event as we did tonight. It is only when we consider it to be an imminent danger to the safety of the persons present that we do so, says Chief Duty Officer Lars Magne Hovtun.

It was a pure coincidence that his agency became aware of the party in the wake of the award ceremony on Saturday night.

– We chose to inspect the location with fire inspectors from the fire prevention department, and we quickly discovered that things were not the way they should be, says Hovtun.

As a result, the fun was over around midnight, and hundreds of party goers had to find their way home – or elsewhere – much earlier than expected.

The police assisted with the closing telling the newspaper that it was a quiet affair. Hovtun praises the party goers for their willingness to cooperate.

Ina Wroldsen won the P3 award

Ina Wroldsen won the P3 prize during Saturday’s P3 Gold event. She was also nominated for the song of the year award, but that prize went to Sigrid for «Strangers».

«Ina Wroldsen is a world-class artist and songwriter,» The jury writes in the justification for this year’s P3 Gold award.

«After breaking through as a songwriter for some of the world’s greatest stars, her artist career grew with a host of global hits as both guest singer and solo artist. With her unique voice, tune and personal pen, she hits her audience with the power, honesty and craze that is rarely experienced in the pop industry,» it is further stated in the justification.

Wroldsen is described as a model for young artists and an artist who at the age of 34 already has «left a significant mark in the history of pop music ».

The other jury prizes on Saturday went to Cezinando, who is awarded live artist of the year, and Boy Pablo, who won the category newcomer of the year. The song of the year is thus «Strangers» featuring Sigrid, a prize that has been voted on via the radio channel’s website.

Sigrid was also one of the artists who performed at Saturday’s event. The other live performers were Emir, Young Ferrari, Girl In Red, Dagny and Astrid S.


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