Fewer Norwegians believe in reincarnation

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Seven out of ten Norwegians do not believe that humans have lived past lives and are to be born again into new lives here on earth, according to a study.

There are fewer and fewer people who believe in reincarnation. When researchers at the Department of Church, Religious and Life Sciences Research (KIFO) asked in 2012, about 17 percent responded that they believed in reincarnation. In 2019, the number who respond that they believe in it has dropped to 11.4 percent, writes Vårt Land.

74.8 percent of those surveyed said they did not believe in reincarnation. Researcher Tore Witsø Rafoss at KIFO believes the decline is due to society becoming more secular.

– “This “affects” both organized religion and newness. You get a polarization effect, where there are more atheists and fewer people taking a middle position,” he says.

Witsø Rafoss says that the proportion who believe in reincarnation is less among those with higher education and high incomes and among those living in cities. The study also shows that more women than men believe in reincarnation.

In the survey, KIFO also asked Norwegians if they believe in horoscopes and natural medicine. Here, too, the researchers see a marked decline from 2012 to 2019, says Witsø Rafoss.

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