1 out of 20 teachers lack necessary education

teachersTeachers.Photo pixabay.com

5.6% of primary school teachers lack teacher training, or other approved education to teach.


The figures appear in new statistics from the Directorate for Education.

4.4% of teaching hours are given by teachers who do not meet the requirements for recruitment, which indicates that these teachers teach less hours than the others.

At the junior level, it turns out that 22% of Norwegian teachers, 31% of math teachers, and 43% of English teachers don’t meet the requirements for education. The percentage has remained steady over the past two years, but was reduced for the school year 2017/18.

‘If all teachers who don’t meet the competence requirements for education took further education, 27,823 places for further education for teachers would be needed, the Directorate of Education wrote in their review of the figures.


NTB Scanpix / Norway Today