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Over 100 #metoo cases in academia


In connection with the #metoo campaign, over 100 cases of sexual harassment have been known and registered at Norwegian universities and colleges.


In addition to these cases, there are a number of unreported instances from students, writes Khrono, who has called around to 21 universities and colleges. The information the journalist has obtained applies to both new and old cases, but almost none of them were publicly known or discussed earlier.
The universities of Tromsø, Bergen, and Oslo, as well as NTNU have the most cases, while the NMBU at Ås and Høgskulen in Volda are the only places of learning that have not registered any sexual harrasment complaints.
Leader of the Norwegian Student Organization (NSO), Mats Beldo, finds it interesting to see the difference between the reported figures now, and in two surveys conducted before the #metoo campaign started last fall.
“Our survey showed that 30,000 students have experienced unwanted sexual attention from a student or employee,” said Beldo, who believes the numbers are enormous.
University of Tromsø announced in November that they did not know about any issues of sexual harassment. Lately, four formal alerts have been received, three from students who say they have been subjected to sexual harassment by an employee, while the fourth is between two students. The Student Ombudsman at the University received 22 complaints last year.


© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today

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