100 new study slots for nursing education

Nursing studentsNursing students

The government and the KrF (Christian People’s Party) have revised the budget and set funds aside for 100 new slots for nursing education. The spots are distributed in campuses across the country.


“We have had good discussions with the institutions in question to ensure that they not only provide high quality education at the place of study, but that they also have the opportunity to provide relevant and exciting internships to the students,” says Iselin Nybø, Minister for Research and Higher Education (Iselin Nybø). V) in a press release.

The universities of Tromsø and Stavanger get 20 seats each. University College in Western Norway and VID University of Science and Technology are awarded 15 seats each, while the University of Agder and the colleges in Østfold and the Inland area get 10 seats each.

“There is a great need to educate more nurses, and I am pleased with this unity. In the distribution of study places, we have taken particular account of the need for more nurses in Western Norway and Northern Norway, says Nybø.

At the same time, the University of Stavanger, the University of Agder and the North University receives 21 new fellowships. There are no guidelines on how these recruitment positions will be used at the apprenticeships.


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