Only 3 out of 10 Oslo University students complete a bachelor’s degree at the appointed time

University of Oslo anti-IslamicUniversity of Oslo.Photo: Norway Today Media

Only every third student at the University of Oslo (UiO) finish their studies in three years. At the Norwegian Trade College (NHH), the figure is 63%.


This is shown in the state report for higher education, ‘Khrono’ said.

At state universities and colleges, on average, half of the students follow the curriculum at the bachelor level. However, the variations between institutions are high, and UiO is definitely the worst in class.

30.1 percent of UiO students complete their bachelor degree in three years. This is an increase of 0.3% from the result in 2015.

Gro Bjørnerud Mo, Vice President of Education at UiO, said there is no simple explanation as to why their results are weaker than others.

“For example, we have a challenge that we have students registered with us who never take credits and we never actually see. It’s hard to find the reason they do not take courses or exams when they do not appear here and we do not get them talking,” she told Khrono.

Next on the survey’s ‘bottom list’ comes the University of Bergen at 36.6%, while Oslo University of Technology has the best results at 71.1%. At NTNU, 49.3% complete their bachelor’s degree in the standardised time.


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