349 vacancies in the teacher education programs

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There are a total of 349 vacancies in primary school teacher education programmes, according to the official preliminary attendance figures from Samordna Recordings, reports the online newspaper Khrono.

In the first year of primary school teacher education steps 1 to 7,  219 places are empty while for the education 5 to 10. 130 spaces are available.

The percentage of worst attendance is at the Sami University in Kautokeino with just 8 per cent and  teacher education from 1-7 with lulesami at the Northern University in Bodø has a turnout of 10 percent.

Ordinary teacher education for steps 1 to 7  in Bodø have filled 48 per cent of their study places. The University College of Western Norway’s study program at Stord has also had problems with poor attendance – only 18 out of 54 students showed up to start their studies.

The Minister for Research and Higher Education, Iselin Nybø (V), is concerned about the figures.

“It worries me that we do not recruit enough people for this education. Recruitment challenges in the districts are worrying and it is a goal to fill all study places,” wrote Nybø in an email to Khrono.

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